Tempura Batter’s playful work considers meaning and meaninglessness through oblique gestures. The collaborative practice of Rohanne Udall and Paul Hughes, it takes place across choreographic, performance and visual arts contexts. The work is born out of, and speaks to, a culture that is saturated in content and subject to endless streams of reference and possibility; we are attracted to sidestepping, fidgeting, obliviousness, distraction and emulation.

The work
We work across diverse media, with whatever is close to our restless hands. Our writing projects host collisions and confusions between participants, and unfold out towards the reader through instruction and suggestion. These uncertain encounters take place on the stage through a spectator/performer relationship that moves between the legible, the empathizable and the distant. Exploring cliché gestures of sensation and thought, we manipulate the space between internal sensation and a viewing audience. Our durational performances question the possibilities of performing a ‘neutral’ body, and unsettle and engross both the fleeting spectator and a more sustained encounter.

The wider scene
Within a climate of austerity and neoliberalism, the experimental performance scene  announces its political utility as a site of assembly, exchange, expression and critique. However, in rejection of a society that calls for productivity, stringency and accountability, we resolutely defend art’s potential to remain wasteful and non-instrumentalized – a waste of energy, time, space and possibility. Insisting on the most oblique of gestures, and floating in an interdisciplinary void, we assert the continued significance of strategies of insignificance and meaninglessness. We’re curious, playful, and suspicious.

Recent activity
Recent work includes stage work Empty Gestures (Rich Mix; Attenborough Arts Centre; 2016); an exhibition of performance Floorplan//Here Or Now (Rich Mix; 2015); collaborative writing projects Imaginary Festivals Project (Forest Fringe, Edinburgh Festival Fringe; 2014) and Digital Writing Group (International Conference on Artistic Research; 2016). We have undertaken residencies with New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich (2015) and Hospitalfield, Arbroath (Interdisciplinary Residency 2016).

Get in touch: rohanneudall[at]me[dot]com | p[dot]hughespaul[at]gmail[dot]com